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CSMS #08-000015
  Title: ACE Change for Truck Conveyance Data
  Date: 2/14/2008 6:45:49 AM
  To: Truck Manifest
BACKGROUND: A change was deployed in the ACE Truck Manifest system on February 2 to redesign 
and reorganize the way ACE stores conveyance records. ACE now has correct license plate information, correct cab information, accurate user fee data and accurate transponder assignments all tied to the VIN. Because all information is now tied to the VIN, there may be unexpected plate numbers if the truck carrier's information does not match what is in the FAST system.  



*	When the Trade creates a manifest, ACE automatically pulls the state/plate number from the conveyance record.  If the state/plate number entered by the Trade in ACE does not match the record for the VIN in FAST, the plate on the truck will not match the plate on the manifest.  ACE will not be able to find the trip using the new plate.  
*	Trade users must update conveyance information on-line using the Mellon Bank Trade-Links system ( or by calling the Mellon Bank User Fee Help Desk at (317) 298-1245.  Once the conveyance information is updated with Mellon Bank it is transmitted to FAST and then to ACE.

*	If the conveyance information is not updated in ACE 24 hours after Mellon Bank was contacted please request a trouble ticket by e-mailing the ACE Helpdesk ( <> ) and be sure to include the new plate, old plate, and VIN.