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CSMS #12-000229
  Title: Update to Retroactive Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Increase
  Date: 6/20/2012 3:44:42 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, ACE Reports
  Related: 12-000217

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce that the Office of International Trade has began 
billing for the increase in merchandise processing fee (MPF), as established by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011 (TAA), retroactively effective on October 1, 2011.  CBP automated system programming was completed in November 2011 and ACS began accepting the new MPF rate on November 5, 2011.  CBP could not begin the retroactive billing process for merchandise entered between October 1, 2011 and November 4, 2011 until the refund processing was completed for the Generalized System of Preferences, Andean Trade Preference Act, and the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act retroactive renewals.

The Entry, Summary, and Drawback Branch (ESD) will use a script to liquidate entries with a future liquidation date to generate a bill for the additional MPF due.  Differences of less than $20.00 are de minimis, and as such will not be processed for retroactive MPF.  Entries which are flagged for reconciliation shall have the MPF increase accounted for via the reconciliation entry.  The scripting process began the week of June 11, 2012.  

A previous CSMS message on this subject (12-000217) provided links to intranet pages that are not available to the public and was intended to assist our field processing.  We apologize for any confusion generated by the inadvertent inclusion of the links in the CSMS and will be deleting the CSMS message 12-000217.

CBP expects to liquidate approximately 20,000 entries per week, but we do not have an estimated completion date.  If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Ms. Terry Monroy, International Trade Specialist, Office of International Trade at