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CSMS #12-000494
  Title: QP filers submitting 'NC'
  Date: 11/6/2012 11:57:06 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, Truck Manifest
All QP In-bond Filers

A number of filers of ABI QP in-bond entries for truck import 
shipments have experienced delays in the release of freight as a result of  the way they have been reporting transportation equipment. 

To avoid such delays, CBP advises QP filers to submit ‘NC’ in positions 3-4 of the QP65 record for shipments that are not full containers. 

In general, transportation equipment such as trailers and containers with multiple shipments should instead be reported in the carrier’s ACE Truck manifest.

The container number definition and the use of 'NC' is described in our ACE CATAIR document and copied below. 

A valid container/equipment number associated with a bill of lading number exactly as it physically appears on the container. Indicate NC for non containerized freight. Neither an identical container number nor the designation ‘NC’ should be repeated within the same bill

You can find additional information on our website at:

Please contact you assigned CBP Client Representative if you have further questions.