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CSMS #13-000006
  Title: Increase in Informal Entry Limit
  Date: 1/3/2013 3:31:42 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface
  Related: 12-000572

The purpose of this message is to provide guidance related to the increase in the value limit 
for informal entries, as announced in the Federal Register on December 6, 2012 (see 77 FR 72715).  The final rule increased the limit, from $2,000 to $2,500, for which commercial importations of merchandise may qualify for an informal entry.  The increase goes into effect on January 7, 2013.  The rule applies to goods entered or released (including goods released under special privileges for immediate delivery under 19 U.S.C. 1448(b)) on or after January 7, 2013.

The final rule also removed language requiring formal entry for certain articles that were formerly subject to absolute quotas under the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing because U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) no longer needs to require formal entry for these articles.  The change in regulation expanded the value increase to textile products; however, a formal entry is still required for goods classified in subheadings 9903 and 9904 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).  The following ranges of HTS numbers are now eligible to be entered on an informal entry if the value does not exceed $2,500:




The change also affects the reporting of the ultimate consignee at the time of release, i.e., entries valued at $2,500 or less must be identified with an appropriate ultimate consignee name and address or ultimate consignee number.  Entries valued at greater than $2,500 will require the appropriate ultimate consignee identification number and may not be identified with an ABI transmission of only the ultimate consignee’s name and address.

CBP is modifying the Automated Commercial System (ACS) according to the above changes, and we will publish a separate message when the changes have been completed.