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CSMS #13-000016
  Title: Air Inbond "1D" Freight Status Notifications (FSN)
  Date: 1/16/2013 9:27:14 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, Air Manifest

Electronic in-bond movement authorization (1D) freight status notification (FSN) messages 
are transmitted to the Air AMS participant in custody of the cargo.  Delivery authorization in the electronic environment requires that the four following conditions be met: (1) the cargo has arrived at the port; (2) an entry has been filed; (3) examinations, if required, have been completed; (4) all holds placed on the air waybill have been removed.  If the cargo is in the custody of an airline Air AMS participant and an another eligible Air AMS participant that submitted the house air waybill information requests an in-bond movement at the house air waybill, a 1D freight status notification (FSN) message is transmitted to the airline.  There should not be any reason to hold cargo until a 1C is processed.  A 1D freight status information (FSI) message may be transmitted to the Air AMS participant that filed the house air waybill record if such party elects to receive such FSI messages.

All participants in Air AMS are required to honor the electronic freight status notifications.  A carrier is required to maintain control of the cargo pending CBP disposition whether its staff handles the cargo or if a ground handling agent provides such services.  How the carrier communicates such information to its ground handling agent is a business decision for the carrier and its agent.