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CSMS #13-000119
  Title: Census Bureau Announces Proposed Revisions to the Automated Export System (AES) AESTIR
  Date: 3/8/2013 2:16:55 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Outreach Events, Air Manifest, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest, Truck Manifest

On February 27th the Census Bureau issued a broadcast message announcing proposed changes 
to the AES AESTIR. Please refer to the below announcement and the links provided for additional detail on these revisions.  

February 27, 2013 

AES Broadcast #2013016

Proposed Automated Export SystemTrade Interface Requirements

The Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements (AESTIR) (affected documents only) have been updated with the current proposed revisions to the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR).  The “Proposed AESTIR” changes will become final upon publication of the FTR final rule.  However, due to the Automated Export System (AES) upgrade, changes to the “Proposed AESTIR” will be effective at the completion of the upgrade.  The AES upgrade is tentatively scheduled for completion after 09/30/2013 and a specific date for Fall 2013 will be given at a later time.    

The current legacy AES and AESTIR will remain the system and document of record until the AES upgrade is complete.  The “Proposed AESTIR (Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) revisions)" will be maintained as a separate link (below) on the CBP website along with the legacy AESTIR.

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau's AES Branch 
Telephone: (800) 549-0595, select option 1 for AES 
Foreign Trade Division Website 
Global Reach Blog