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CSMS #13-000480
  Title: ACE Reports Software Upgrade
  Date: 9/23/2013 1:41:07 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Outreach Events, ACE Portal Accounts, ACE Reports, Air Manifest, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest, Truck Manifest
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will deliver an ACE Reports software upgrade, required 
to replace expiring licenses, on October 26, 2013.  This upgrade will result in (a) changes to the user interface impacting how ACE Reports are viewed and run, and (b) a modernized platform to facilitate enhancements and fixes to ACE Reports. 

In order to fully prepare for this software upgrade, it is critical that all ACE Reports users understand the following:

•  All customized, modified and shared reports must be saved to the “Favorites” sub-folder inside “My Folders” in order to be migrated and made available after October 26, 2013.  ACE Reports not saved to the “Favorites” sub-folder will not be accessible after October 26, 2013.

•  CBP will impose a “black out week” prior to the software upgrade in order to accommodate the reports migration.  As such, ACE Reports that are modified or created and saved to the “Favorites” sub-folder from October 20 through October 26, 2013 will not be available following the October 26, 2013 software upgrade.  

•  The scheduling of ACE reports will not be migrated.  Users will need to re-initiate any scheduling of ACE Reports following the October 26, 2013 software upgrade.

CBP will disseminate via CSMS and post to an updated ACE Reports User Guide by October 21, 2013.  In addition, a combination of recorded and live webinars, highlighting the changes to ACE Reports, will be available the week of October 21, 2013.  Information on how to access the recorded webinars and/or participate in the live webinars will be disseminated in the near future via CSMS.