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CSMS #14-000037
  Title: HTS Flagging
  Date: 1/17/2014 12:14:53 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface
  Related: 14-000014, 14-000035

As part of the PGA message set pilot (announced in FR Doc. 2013–29724, dated December 13, 
2013), the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) database has been updated and includes the appropriate HTS flags for the two agencies currently participating in the PGA Message Set pilot: EPA and FSIS.

Tariff numbers subject to the PGA pilot were sent out in UPDATES ‘1401’ (14-000014) and in update ‘1402’ (14-000035). 

Edits are in place to help ensure that only pilot participants file the new PGA data. If you are not an official pilot participant, please do not submit PGA data via the new PGA Message Set. 

Please contact your CBP client representative for information on becoming a pilot participant.

The following chart illustrates the errors that can occur relative to HTS flagging and submitting PGA data:

Scenarios                    Pilot  Non-pilot  Was PGA       Final
                             Port      Port    Data          Status
1	Pilot Participant	X		Yes	      Accepted
2	Pilot Participant	X		No	      Rejected
3	Pilot Participant		X	Yes	      Rejected
4	Pilot Participant		X	No	      Accepted
5	Non-Pilot Participant	X		Yes	      Rejected
6	Non-Pilot Participant	X		No	      Accepted
7	Non-Pilot Participant		X	Yes	      Rejected
8	Non-Pilot Participant		X	No	      Accepted

Pilot participants can find the cross reference between the tariff codes and the government agency program codes (to be used when submitting PGA data via the PGA Message Set in ACE) at this location on

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