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CSMS #14-000115
  Title: CBP Expanding ACE Cargo Release Pilot to New Airports
  Date: 2/24/2014 3:40:09 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Outreach Events, ACE Portal Accounts, ACE Reports, Air Manifest, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest, Truck Manifest
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is pleased to announce the expansion of the ACE Cargo 
Release Pilot (formerly known as Simplified Entry) to the specified 14 airports below, effective immediately. The ACE Cargo Release Pilot provides importers with the opportunity to file a streamlined set of data earlier in the import process. Entry filers can also update the entry information up to the point the conveyance arrives. This allows the Trade to make any necessary updates to the information being submitted, thus providing the best available information to CBP at the time of filing. CBP will be able to efficiently review shipment information much earlier in the supply chain ensuring that the goods are not held for issues that may be resolved pre-loading. 
CBP can send an admissibility message earlier in the process when appropriate and if additional data is required, filers can resolve issues before the plane departs for the United States, or during transit, resulting in fewer goods being held at arrival. ACE Cargo Release also streamlines electronic transmission for the filer, and assists importers in finalizing cargo logistics. The carrier will submit the manifest/Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) security filing (as appropriate), and the importer will submit the Simplified Entry data set.  

Please see the Federal Register Notice published on February 3, 2014 (79 FR 6210) for additional information and eligibility criteria for participation in the test.

New Airports as of 2/24/2013

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Baltimore Washington International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Providence Green Airport
Syracuse Hancock Airport
Lambert–St. Louis International Airport 
Kansas City International Airport 
Springfield Airport 
Spirit of St. Louis Airport
Laredo International Airport
Nashville International Airport
Denver International Airport
Portland International Airport
Orlando International Airport

Existing Airports in the Cargo Release Pilot:

Anchorage International Airport
Atlanta International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Chicago O’Hare International Airport 
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Houston International Airport
Indianapolis International Airport
New York Kennedy International Airport
Los Angles International Airport 
Memphis International Airport
Miami International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
Oakland International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Seattle Tacoma International Airport

If you have any questions regarding the Cargo Release pilot, please visit:
Or contact your client representative for more information.