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CSMS #15-000113
  Title: Clarification on Electronic Single Transaction Bond usage in ACE eBond
  Date: 2/20/2015 10:50:29 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts

It has come to CBP’s attention that there is confusion around the proper usage of 
electronic Single Transaction Bonds (STBs) in the eBond environment when used to secure Cargo Release.  Electronic STB submitted through eBond for purposes of securing Cargo Release (Activity Type 1 bonds) should only be used when filing ACE Cargo Release.  This includes ACE Entry Summary Certified for ACE Cargo Release.  If Cargo Release is filed in ACS, use of electronic STBs in eBond is NOT allowed, including ACE Entry Summaries Certified for ACS Cargo Release.  Processing for these circumstances should take place according to current procedures used at the ports.  Filers should work with their surety to determine what type of STB is appropriate for their filing situation.

If a STB is submitted to eBond  for a circumstance where a paper STB is required, the electronic STB should be voided and a bond should be issued for that transaction in accordance with the current procedures used at the ports.