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CSMS #17-000451
  Title: ACE System Update
  Date: 8/3/2017 11:38:10 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Outreach Events, ACE Portal Accounts, ACE Reports, Air Manifest, Export, New ACE Programming, Ocean Manifest, Partner Government Agencies, Rail Manifest, Trade Policy Updates, Truck Manifest
CURRENT STATUS at 11:30 ET August 3, 2017 - The ACE System continues to be stable and processes 
are operating normally. CBP technical staff will continue to actively monitor.

At approximately 21:00 ET, August 2, 2017, the ACE System was RESTORED for ACE Portal functionality, as well as all ACE EDI message processing for all modes of transportation of Manifest (including Truck), ACE Cargo Release, ACE Entry Summary and ABI Queries. Statement processing and other Automated Commercial System (ACS) applications were not impacted by the ACE issues experienced yesterday.

TRADE FILERS are advised that any messages (manifest, entry and summary) that were transmitted between 07:00 ET and 09:00 ET, August 2, 2017, that did not receive a response should be retransmitted.

Further, if filers are receiving unexpected error messages please retransmit the message. If the error persists, please contact your Client Rep. 

Due to this ACE system issue, all filers will be granted an additional day without penalty on a national basis for August 2, 2017.  CBP is extending one (1) additional day without penalty for any late filed entry summaries and payments of duties that were due on August 2, 2017, nationwide.

Throughout today, August 3, 2017, users may experience delays, especially during peak processing times. CBP has deployed additional resources to closely monitor processing and quickly take action as needed.

CBP appreciates your support and patience as we have been working through this critical issue