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CSMS #17-000573
  Title: Updated AESTIR Documentation Available on
  Date: 9/14/2017 3:26:57 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, Air Manifest, Export, New ACE Programming, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest, Trade Policy Updates, Truck Manifest
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has updated several Automated Export System Trade 
Interface Requirements (AESTIR) documents posted on The updated documentation includes:

• CBP Export Manifest Appendices
  - Updated - Exemption  - OB - added wording -  Report the Ocean bill of lading number or Master Airway Bill Number 

  - Updated - Exemption - PDF - Used to report a post departure filing. Example: PDF*12345678912. Report USPPI Id approved by Census for post departure filing

• CBP Export Manifest Implementation Guide – XML Manifest Message Specification   

  - Updated - Page 9 – Reference Type – corrected See MMM Appendix I1 for valid codes.

• AES Downtime Guidelines

  - Updated - Section 4 - AES or AESDirect System Downtime

Shipments reported in AES for which full pre-departure information is required, but not requiring an export license or license exemption (USML specific), will continue to be exported without interruption because the Government’s system is unavailable.  When the Government’s AES is unavailable, the goods may be exported and the filer must: A) Provide the appropriate downtime filing citation as described in FTR Section 30.7(b) and Appendix D to 15 CFR Part 30, 
Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)  (Example: AESDOWN Filer ID mm/dd/yyyy) and B) Report the EEI at the first opportunity AES is available.

• ACE AESTIR Summary of Changes

To access the updated AESTIR documentation, please visit the “ACE Export Manifest Implementation Guides” and “Automated Export System Technical Information” pages of You may also copy and paste the above URLs to your internet browser.